Letterpress Studio for Sale!

Lettepress Studio for Sale

10×15 Chandler & Price Letterpress with motor.
New rollers
Hamilton Type Case with 12 drawers
8 Drawers full of metal type
4 sets of wood type
6 chases
8′ Counter
3 cabinets
Various cans of ink
Furniture and case
Imposing stone
Various quoins, tools, and pins.
Blanket wash
Currently located in the Screw Factories Studio C339
$5,000 or best offer. Please email saltycleveland@gmail.com or text Candra 330-690-6810
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The Great Salty Craft Supply Sale!

Salty is hosting our first ever craft supply sale September 14-16th in our store. We are looking for people who need to get rid of some of their supplies that are sitting around gathering dust! New and used alike are welcome here. Please fill out our SUBMISSION FORM. We will be jurying and picking and choosing so we can make the most of our space and keep the selection awesome. We are charging a flat fee of $10 a vendor.  So starting going through your drawers now and let us know what you have! Just think, you too could create a beautiful crafting space like the one below after you clean out the old and then come shop for some new!

Thanks to Barbara Baughman for letting us show you her crafting space! Check her blog here! No. 1990


Coming Sooooon!

Salty not Sweet is all moved in to our new location! In a matter of weeks we will be up and running! The grand opening date is still TBA but it will be one Saturday night in May.

We can’t wait to show you what we’ve collected over the last few months!

Waterloo Arts Fest June 26, 2010

Hey friends,

Waterloo Arts Fest is super soon! There will be bands, arts, crafts, kids activities, oh and FOOOOOOOD! Don’t forget all the glorious food vendors!

Waterloo is literally 15 mins from the west side so please if you want to be awesome get in your car make the LONG journey to waterloo and check out what we have. Aside from the kick ass people who will be vending for the day there are permanent businesses that make coming to the street worthwhile. Cafes, art galleries, handmade crafts, head shop, tattoos, music, vintage stores with clothes, music, toys, and houewares,  indie music stores, and bars. All independent local businesses that need support.

Please come for the day and then remember us because we’ll be here long after the fest ends.

Arts Collinwood

Salty not Sweet

The Head Shop

Rebel City Tattoo

Beachland Ballroom

Music Saves

Star Pop

Blue Arrow Records

SS&W Boardwalk

Some very Salty News

Hey everyone!

We’re totally settling into our little space on Waterloo and loving it. Rebel City Tattoo just opened up a couple doors down and the new BBQ place is coming soon across the street. Things are coming together and it seems like the arts & crafts community of Cleveland is bigger than ever. It’s so nice to have so much support and to know that people DO want to buy local and try to recycle and reuses whatever they can.

Salty not Sweet is planning a series of events and we’re going to TRY to have something at least 3 out of 4 weekends a month. First up is this Saturday!

Our featured vendor of the month opening reception is for Barbara Baughman of Toony Jewelry. She makes beautiful pieces that just feel good. You’ll have to come meet this girl because she’ll be in the store Saturday night starting at 7pm and she is delightful. Plus she’s bringing all kinds of stuff she hasn’t put out yet so you can’t get it and won’t see it anywhere else. That my friends, is awesome.

Grand Opening

The Salty not Sweet Grand Opening was a success. The doors opened at 6pm and the flow of people was unbelievable ! We were totally packed in like sardines until at least 9:30 when we slowed down a bit. Neighboring merchants came in to welcome us, family came to support and strangers wandered in to see what all the fuss was.

If you didn’t come you totally missed Alice in Wonderland themed mini cupcakes by the Cleveland Cupcake Company, and tiny drinks labeled “drink me”.

Come and visit us soon! Our hours are:

Thursday: 3ish till 10ish

Friday: 3ish till 11ish

Saturday: 12ish till 11ish

Sunday: 12ish till 4ish

Salty not Sweet IS coming!

Salty not Sweet is almost finished! We will announce the opening party soon but until then why don’t you come to an event we’re co-hosting with Star Pop?


Star Pop and Salty Not Sweet are celebrating Valentine’s Day, elementary school style. We’re pulling out the glue and construction paper (and other craft supplies) to give you the chance to make a card for your Valentine. Plus there will be sugary holiday treats and you will save 10%-30% off any purchase from Star Pop so you can pick up a unique gift for your sweetheart. So come out and celebrate Valentine’s Day early!

Star Pop


15813 Waterloo Rd.

Cleveland, OH

Friday February 5th 6-10pm

Saturday February 6th 2-10pm

Sunday February 7th 12-4pm

Here’s a peek at our storefront…not so glamorous currently!