No need to be a shit bag

This morning I woke up to a really shitty comment on my website from a person who used a fake email address to spew some nonsense. Before I post the comment let me first say, if you ever have a problem at store or ANYWHERE for that matter if you don’t bring the issue to the attention of someone at the establishment how would you ever expect to resolve it? The answer is people like this DO NOT WANT a resolution, they want to be the person with the problem, the person who has some sort of injustice against them that they can complain to people about. To them I say, try being positive for a change! It’s possible your world will brighten up and suddenly you’ll find that people are mostly good if you give them the chance to be. 

Here’s her comment:

This shop and their classes are a total RIP-OFF! This store is basically a glorified junk-yard with some paint splashed about. I would warn anyone from purchasing from this store. On top of that the owner is not very helpful, and seems to busy on her phone to help her actual customers. I left this dump feeling like I had just wasted my time, and would eventually my money as well (when my item broke).

As far as this website, could they have used a font any harder to read?

I replied to the given email address (with no reply, surprise surprise)

Hi (fake name omitted here)

I got your comment on the Salty not Sweet website. I never got any other email from you saying you had an issue or that something you purchased broke. If you need something you’re welcome to let me know and try to resolve any issue here.

Candra Squire

It was really hard not to be a shit bag back but that’s just not really my style. If you’re reading this commenter you’re welcome to email me to resolve any issues but you don’t need to dump any of your unnecessary meanness on me.

Here’s a flower, I think you need it.