As much as we have love for the Waterloo Arts District, we just aren’t getting the kind of traffic we need to survive. So Salty not Sweet is officially moving to W25th to be neighbors with lots of newcomers to the street. We can’t tell all the secrets since it hasn’t been released to the press just yet, but I can tell you one new neighbor, Dim and Den Sum announced they are also moving to the street! Stay tuned to the Plain Dealer for all the official details and businesses moving in. All I know is that we’re very excited and have huge hopes for our new neighborhood.

Salty will remain on Waterloo until Jan 1st 2011. Watch for news of our grand reopening because it will be a MAJOR BLOWOUT not to be missed.


4 thoughts on “We’re MOVING!

  1. Amazing!!! W25th is one of my all time favorite spots. Perfect Saturday Afternoon: West Side Market, Lunch at Nate’s Deli, and Shopping at Salty not Sweet!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!

  2. I am so excited to hear this! I stumbled onto your stuff at a made in the 216 and then again on your store while doing some shopping last week. I felt a pang because I rarely head to the beachland ballroom area, but yay! I live in the OC. Can’t wait to be a regular!

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