Waterloo Arts Fest June 26, 2010

Hey friends,

Waterloo Arts Fest is super soon! There will be bands, arts, crafts, kids activities, oh and FOOOOOOOD! Don’t forget all the glorious food vendors!

Waterloo is literally 15 mins from the west side so please if you want to be awesome get in your car make the LONG journey to waterloo and check out what we have. Aside from the kick ass people who will be vending for the day there are permanent businesses that make coming to the street worthwhile. Cafes, art galleries, handmade crafts, head shop, tattoos, music, vintage stores with clothes, music, toys, and houewares,  indie music stores, and bars. All independent local businesses that need support.

Please come for the day and then remember us because we’ll be here long after the fest ends.

Arts Collinwood

Salty not Sweet

The Head Shop

Rebel City Tattoo

Beachland Ballroom

Music Saves

Star Pop

Blue Arrow Records

SS&W Boardwalk


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