Classic, Beautiful, Letterpress


Today jen and I went out to visit The Cranky Pressman in Salem, OH. We’ve both been interested in letterpress but never had the opportunity to learn. I contacted Keith Berger and asked about workshops and he graciously invited us to come to the studio and he’d show us around. We went to see him today and he was immediately inviting and warm and put us totally at ease. He showed us all kinds of letterpress’, tons of wooden lettering and teeny tiny metal type. He let us design a Salty not Sweet sign and helped us print it up and it turned out spectacular. I’m so in love with it I actually want to take my prints and put them in bed with me so I can hold them through the night.


Keith is working on putting together a once a month craft show in downtown Salem, which is a really cute area with bars, art, restaurants, and of course a fantastical letterpress studio. I will keep you posted on when he’s looking for vendors and what not.

If you’re looking from some beautiful printed material please contact The Cranky Pressman.

Phone 330-433-1288 or or just click the links above.


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