Delish Finds

I wanted to share with you guys some awesome indie craft finds. It seems like everyone these days is struggling and it’s important to support each other and locally made products because if we don’t we are supporting the man. Damn the man.

Squeaky Queen has handcrafted soaps and scents, but not just your normal run of the mill type stuff.

Blood SoapThis is Blood Soap!

This opaque soap is the color of fresh blood. The scent fits the theme, blending deep sandalwood, musk, honey, and the bright spice of cloves. The result is an earthy, spicy mix with a definite sweet and sticky, animalistic twist.

She has all kinds of other really fun soaps from Sugared Lime to Fetish Leather!  You can find her here: or

Birdcage Bohemia makes jewelry and recreates vintage pieces.

BircdcageThis is a birdcage necklace with a dragonfly. How cute is that??

You can find her here: or

Maiden Jane, I mean I don’t even wear aprons but I might now.


You can find aprons and tons more cute things from her here: or

There are so many insanely awesome people in Cleveland alone that could make everything anyone would ever need. Or not even know they need until they see it.

If you have something you’d like to see featured on the blog let me know!


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