A Thank You Note

The show is finally happening on Saturday and I’m super excited. I just want to send out some thank you’s to everyone who pitched in, got the word out, spread fliers around the state, and supported this idea.

(if I forget anyone post your link as a comment on this post and sorry!)

In no particular order:

All the Salty Vendors! You guys took a chance and I appreciate that. We need to stick together and support local handmade products.

Jen Dynes: Partner and fantastical artist. www.etsy.dynesinc.com

Tammy Howard: Maker of adorable things and super PR girl. http://peopleplacesobjects.wordpress.com/

Cleveland Handmade: Spreading the word! http://www.clevelandhandmade.com/

Cool Cleveland: http://www.coolcleveland.com/index.php?n=main.current

Handmade Detroit: Yay for out of state shout outs! http://handmadedetroit.com/2009/05/28/cleveland-show-looking-for-vendors/

Reware Vintage: More out o’ state biz! http://rewarevintage.com/blog/

Oddmall: Awesome craftshow www.oddmall.info

Funky FInds: A sweet crafting site and official sponsor of the salty not sweet show! http://funkyfinds.us/

Lifesource Yoga: Official sponsor of the Salty not Sweet show. Come early on Sat for a gift from them! http://www.lifesourceyoga.com/

And to my husband, Bill Squire who always believes in me. www.billsquire.com


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